Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today's Treasure

It's been a long day.

In the middle of a huge project at home, Sunday school, baseball game, and a meeting. I also slept through an appointment. Again.

I'm stretched thin and spread out and much is self-induced. Each day I thank God for my breath and these blessings and ask for the grace and energy to do it all again.

As I walk into our home after my meeting, my hubby is just putting the kids to bed. I haven't really hung out with him all weekend and I can't wait to get to our cozy spot on the couch and find our next Netflix treasure. I go in to kiss the littles goodnight.

My son has his normal question, "What are we doing tomorrow?" 

Being homeschoolers, the answer to that question is usually different but sometimes the same. I smile and inform him that tomorrow we have a field trip. These are much more prevalent for us now and we look forward to them. My answer is followed by his head popping off of his pillow and him asking loads more questions. I love these night talks. His personality shines and his baby ways reemerge. My big man child, now almost my height, changes somehow in that bed of his. I can lay down next to him and talk and talk and listen and listen. It's something that just doesn't happen the same way in the daytime. Tonight, however, I still have another little to kiss goodnight.....

She's already bouncing. She could hear brother laughing when I tickled him and she was waiting for her turn. How did I get so lucky? How can I deserve these four eyes and 20 fingers just waiting to curl around my neck? Such are the blessings of God, undeserved.

And she has a normal question too, "Can you lay with me?"

I remember my hubby, waiting for me in living room. I miss him. I want to be with him finally but here she is, smiling, hopeful, and then I remember how I answered last night's question, "I will lay with you tomorrow night." So I lay down. She can hardly contain herself and she cannot stop talking. I convince her to turn around and lay down by telling her I'll scratch her back. We lie there in the night and she compares my back scratching to daddy's back scratching. I pray over her and the tears of overwhelming joy and thankfulness flow.

This moment. This time. This is what I desire. To be in the moment. These passing twinklings that are so tiny and so seemingly insignificant but that are the life-blood of our love and our Jesus. The big showing up in the small. The getting to pray for her future and hear her thoughts. I am tired, yes. But choosing to spend these ten minutes, here with her, are worth the loss of anything else for this instant. I can't say that I always take these moments but I am grateful that tonight I did. And I am learning to make space and time for the treasure of today.

P.S. Happy birthday to my amazing sister, Lindsay. You are the best auntie that my kiddos could hope for. We love you!!

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