Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ode To Randy

Your smile and laughter lingers here...

The way you grinned from ear to ear.

This feeling like it isn't real.

It's something I don't want to feel.

I want it all to be a dream.

I want to stop the inner scream.

This thing that says it isn't fair and shakes a fist up in the air.

Life isn't fair.

Death isn't fair.

But, Randy, you were so very rare!!

You were rare in the bestest of ways.

That youthful soul that plays and plays.

Those awful shirts that you made look dope!

The nights we spent at Club Metro.

** Just your laugh. That laugh. **

What a happy sound to hear,

That always put joy in the hearers ear.

Oh, I'm sure some times got you down

But here, it was rare to see you frown.

It's proof, you know, that God is here

When He shows up in people that we hold dear.

We grasp a glorious glimpse of God

Whenever we revel in the beautifully odd

And so I thank our Lord above

Who shows us mercy, grace, and love.

He gives to us and takes away

and you, sweet Randy, help us to say

"Life is too short, let's love one another.

Let's live in the moment and love like our brother."

For knowing you was to have a friend

and we are fools who believe it won't end

So now I sit and receive the gift

Of  knowing that all things eventually shift

Of op'ning my hands to receive what will come

Of enjoying each day be it rain or in sun

and by doing so trust that the great God above

Gave Randy to us to show us His love.

I am grateful for having known you, Randy. You are and will forever be so so missed. This seems like a terrible injustice but I have to believe in a God Who is always good. I know He had a great purpose for you. I know He blessed many through you. I am so sad for us who knew you and for this world but I am happy for you that you are in a better place, surely making them laugh...... I am glad that you are no longer sick. Never again will you cry or hunger or feel pain, loneliness, or sadness. Until we meet again, my friend..... I love you.